Project News

10 November 2010

A mobile version of our Grid resources page is available at

16 September 2010

We are in the process of converting the site to Drupal!

5 November 2008

In the past year, many improvements to the system have been made. Most notably among these is a new file caching system, which reduces disk space and bandwidth usage at various points throughout the system, which in turn often translates into faster job submissions. We are also in the process of upgrading the entire Grid system to be compatible with the GT 4.2 series. Finally, we have a three year grant proposal to build an advanced computational system for phylogenetic research, in which the Lattice Project will feature prominently.

1 August 2007

The Lattice BOINC Project is in full swing! Besides this huge achievement, many other improvements have been made to the system in the past year, such as improved support for job batches of various types, and support for MPI-based Grid services thanks to the addition of multiple clusters to our resource base.

28 August 2006

Many people have been asking, "What is happening with The Lattice Project?". The Lattice Project is doing well and in constant development and frequent production use. Perhaps what many people are interested in, is when will the BOINC aspects of The Lattice Project be active again so people can participate? The answer is in the coming months if all goes well. Running an active BOINC project, and keeping participants happy, requires quite a bit of time. The staffing of The Lattice Project is quite small, but very good. Remember, the use of BOINC in The Lattice Project is unlike that in other projects, in that we have multiple projects (in the BOINC sense) running simultaneously. Many of these projects get completed and therefore are no longer a source of work units. We are currently taking steps to generate a body of projects that that are appropriate for BOINC, and which can provide enough work to satisfy the demands of the community.

17 August 2006

The GT4 Grid system has been performing very well of late. We have written a scheduler to take advantage of our growing resource base. The GARLI Grid service is in the works and will likely be used in the Leptree project.

30 March 2006

The campus resource base has increased to well over 700 CPUs. The production Grid system is once again online and work will be flowing through it shortly. We continue to work on integrating new resources and improving our resource accounting and visualization, job scheduling, and user interface. We are also updating a number of Grid services, among them IM, MDIV, and MARXAN.

20 December 2005

We are currently upgrading the system to use GT4, but most of that core development has been completed. We are currently working on new Grid services and also on expanding our resource base on campus. Soon, we also hope to upgrade our BOINC server to the newest version and start pumping work through the system again!

16 February 2005

We have over 140 BOINC clients deployed across the University. We are working on a v4 BOINC server to power the public project.

13 January 2005

We now have 17 Grid services. Recent additions include CNS, BLAST, ms, Snn, and Seq-Gen.

22 November 2004

We have begun deploying BOINC clients in the College of Life Sciences.

21 October 2004

Pknots has been completed and LAMARC is underway.

3 October 2004

MUSCLE, PHYML, and Modeltest have been completed.

10 September 2004

New Grid services on the horizon: MUSCLE, PHYML, and Modeltest.

Created a package for deploying the BOINC client as a Windows service.

6 September 2004

The Lattice Project is listed among the news items on the BOINC website. Increased interest prompts restructuring of the website.